Roundhouse March 10th London


What time you heading to the roundhouse to que?


Absolutely! Send me an e-mail please so we could arrange something: Thank you in advance!


How much you want @saml123


£40 which is what was paid for it. Let me know if your interested like I say it is a standing ticket. Me my cousin and his girlfriend are going your more than welcome to come along with us.


How long can you hold it for?!?

I get paid on the 15th


Thank you @evooba


Look it’s fine I can hold it for you, are you on Instagram/ or WhatsApp even? Then we can arrange payment via PayPal or however you wish to.


Let me see whats what and we can swap details then


ok No worries


I made a post about wanting a ticket


Hi all I’ve planned a little meet up with a few people as thought it would be nice to meet before the gig…it’s this Sunday 17th Feb at Boxpark Shoreditch meeting about 12/12:30 come along if you’re about! Here’s a link:


I’ll see if I’ve got the time to make it, I’ll try, but I’m not making promises. I’m very busy these days.


Wish I could come, unfortunately I’m working on Sundays.


As some of you already knows, I’m coming from France for 10d (9th to 19th march) in London, I’ll be at the Clink261 (near king’s cross, if some are still searching for a place to sleep it’s 16£ by night).
If someone wants to meet while this time, I’m available :wink:


It’s cool Rob, be nice to meet if not hopefully at the gig :blush:


I’m more likely than not coming, but I just don’t know if something uni related will crop up at the last moment.


Sorry if this has already been asked but, is there going to be an LPU meet up on the day of the gig? Offically or unoffically. Either way i think it would be great to meet up with other soldiers :grinning:


I am definitely up for a meet up on the day. It would also be great to know what time everyone is thinking of arriving. I’m so excited about this show, hope we get the chance of a meet & greet too.


I’ll be in London from 8 to 11th march, so we can meet up if you want. I’ll travel by my own, let me know :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ll be by my own too, I’ve planned to visit some museums but we can do something else when we’re going to meet. Do you prefer mail or whatsapp to comunicate ? :thinking: