Roundhouse March 10th London


I am also heading to London on my own and would love to meet up with some of you guys :slight_smile:


If i get this ticket im crashing in line with you @the_termin8r :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m still debating when to start lining up.


You guys go early, I bet everyone else will already be there. Even though there is a meetup at around 4 or 4:30pm scheduled. @the_termin8r make you sure you line up in the correct one :stuck_out_tongue: If you see Colin, go where he is.


Well tell you what, if im there before you, you can crash with me


Why would there be multiple lines?

Who’s Colin?


I found this:


Just saw it as well, need to check out their music.


What time is everyone going to start lining up? I’m going to head in pretty early especially as I’m standing!


I’m not sure yet what time I’m going …But I guess early…will let people know once I know haha


@alz89, do you know roughly how long the Sunday meet will be?


Not sure I guess most of the afternoon depending on how people feel. We have a WhatsApp group which I can add you in or add separate to keep you updated etc?


I’m just wondering, because I need to calculate my timings for the day. If you want to add me to the group, send me an email on my decoy account and then tell me on here that you’ve sent it since I don’t check that account.


What time you looking to start queuing up? I’d be down for meeting up


Brill I’m going about mid morning, we should all meet up for when we’re queuing I’m coming down on the Sunday


Cool I’ve sent the email


Replied with my personal account.


Hi everyone, sorry to interrupt the conversation :smiley: Anyone interested in creating a discord or facebook group/chat? I think it would be easier to communicate through those channels (in order to organise a meet up, introduce each other, etc). :slight_smile:


That sounds great, how do I get on the what’s app list?


I’m down for this :blush: