SA LPU 11 Laminates - Not received on time - Early Access Answers


Hi everyone

Im sure that there are many of you who have not received your laminates as yet, and might not get it in time for the concert

As you are aware, we need these laminates for the early access

According to LPU, if we do not receive it in time, we can print out our receipt and bring that along with our ID books to be granted the early access

Now that being said, bear in mind that Big Concerts are the promoters and will be having their staff at the event as well for co-ordination. If you have been to a concert before hosted by Big Concerts, you would realise that there have been hiccups regarding procedures and operations. So I decided to send Attie Van Wyk (The CEO of Buig Concerts) an email expressing my concerns. This is what I sent:

[b]Hi Attie

This email is in regards to the Linkin Park concert at FNB Stadium

If you are aware, many people registered on the LPU website to gain membership to Linkin Park. Benefits of this membership included presale tickets, early entry to the concert and many others. We had to pay a fee of $60 for this membership

Our LPU package was supposed to be shipped to us, the most important item in that package was the laminate access card which grants members early access into the concert. Some members have already received this laminate while there are plenty others who have not received it, including myself. I have spoken to support at LPU, and they informed me that if our laminates have not been received in time for the concert, we can print out our receipt and bring along our ID books, and that should be sufficient to gain the access.

I would like to know if Big Concerts are aware of this matter, as they are many LPU members who have not received their laminates and are worried that they might not gain the early access.

That being said, the reason I am sending this email is due to an unpleasant experience at a previous concert due to the fact that staff were not properly informed about operations

I am just hoping that for the Linkin Park concert, there would not be any hiccups. The main factor being the early access as mentioned above.[/b]

He did not respong, but the CFO Justin VAn Wyk did respond to me:

[b]Hi Shaun,

LPU has confirmed that the laminate have been sent by mail, and if you do not receive your laminate you are required to print a copy of your LPU receipt and bring it to the venue to receive a new laminate. LPU will have a team on-site to coordinate everything, and closer to the time they will send detailed instructions about where you need to go and when you need to be there. We endeavor to improve your experience with the upcoming Linkin Park concert.

Best Regards,

Justin Van Wyk CA (SA)
Chief Financial Officer - Big Concerts International (Pty) Ltd[/b]

I know it sucks not to have our laminates, but at least we dont have to worry about being denied the early access. Hope this helps!


Wow! Thanks Shaun. I myself am one of those who have not yet received the laminate. Yet all my family and friends have received theirs.
Glad to see it’s not as big of a deal as I thought it would be. Was really stressing about this.


Thanks Shaun! I’m also one of those who hasn’t received it as yet.
there is no high five icon but thanks!!!


Thank you shaun, this is very helpfull info


Pleasure guys! One less worry for the concert :slight_smile:


thanks, anyways it sucks though. Still not received mine. And I dont think I will, since its been over 2 months :frowning:


Excellent news! Thanks Shaun, was so worried about this and to this date, still no laminate.


Where I can print my LPU11 RECEIPT?


[quote=Bruna_bu]Where I can print my LPU11 RECEIPT?
Under “Manage Account” click on orders, click on your order number, then at the top left it has the option to print receipt


How do we get our reference number to collect our tickets? Because were we supposed to get an e-mail with our reference number to collect our tickets? I didn’t get one yet! :frowning: :frowning:


Call Big Concerts - They will give it to you, speak to Jason. I collected my tickets already - Refer to the ticket thread.

BTW - Still no laminate :confused:


I’m lucky enough to have my laminate, have you got your tickets though, there’s members saying we have to arrange it with computicket but Lou says will call, I’m getting nervous, have u heard anything about the meet and greet in JHB, I’m very jealous about cape town getting the summit


Thanx for this :slight_smile: just posted this question :slight_smile:


Thanks for the awesome information Shaun, you deserve a bells my man :slight_smile:


Thanks for the taking the initiative and letting us know about this Shaun. I’m just upset that it seems to be up to the paying audience to have to take the initiative to find these things out.

We pay and register accounts which include our email addresses, yet we the audience…the fans…the masses that buys CD’s, mp3’s, merchandise…we are the ones that still need to ask questions, log queries with support, contact concert promoters…etc.
I’m still waiting for support to get back to me after almost 3 months of logging a query about the laminates. We shouldn’t have to do this, both LPU and big concerts should be informing us before we even realise theres a problem.

We’ve looked forward to this concert for years, it has arrived…yet for some of us it has started of on a disappointing note…


They weren’t asking for the laminates or anything else here in Brazil but you should print the first LPU email in your account.


Pleasure guys! N yeh, its really a poor customer service that organisers for the show don’t take the initiative. But hey, now we know. @ Leonardo: thanks man, yep I’m still going to print out my receipts n email, don’t want any probs when I get there. I’m sure the show must have been awesome there! Now I nd to book my summit ticket, fly to cape town n then its the jhb show on 10 November! This is gona be so awesome :smiley:


Dude, didn’t u get ur tickets? Call big concerts, give them ur order number. They will give u a reference number and letter. Take those to computicket to collect ur tickets


I’ve recieved the laminate but is reads that this card does not allow access into any show


Awesome stuff!!!