SA presale tickets ? Is it 9am USA time or 9am SA time?


Just would like to know when they say 9am local time is that 9am USA local time or 9am SA local, because we are 8 hrs ahead of USA.


SA local time


9 am local time - 2 mins


Wheredo you buy them?


JHB golden circle already sold out :confused: fail


how is this possible that they sold out it 2 miinutes?


Are golden circle really sold out already? It only went on sale like 5 mins ago?




u sure they sold out??? i went straight thru for the CT show - 2 mins…
check under tour - then JHB - buy tickets


Morning everyone…

So, who got their tickets for the Jo’burg gig? :slight_smile:


Me veryyyyy angry!!! (chinese voice)


How is this possible!? I’ve been sitting on the site and didn’t even get to see the button to buy them


9am SA time. I just bought mine



SERIOUSLY? LPU11 members must pay a premium for early tickets? $94.50 where as public ticket sales will be $83?


I have a feeling those have been allocated to computicket, not sure why CT would be allowed to buy them though…


golden circle sold out in a minute or two, i refreshed at 8:59 and they were sold out WTF


im more than happy to pay premium…its LP and R80 isnt the end of the world…


Got my Golden Circle tickets!!! It is awesome!!!


Sold out? It’s not possible…