@samuel_the_leader is back from the Himalayas trip. (Too many unread posts so I created a new topic to prevent this from being buried)


Yes, there have been a lot of delays and setbacks in my climb due to the bad weather there, but I finally made it. (I’m feeling too tired to type right now.)

I would like to share photos but unfortunately my SD card has somehow become damaged beyond repair. It has become a RAW format which means it became unreadable.

Before that I had to replace my laptop charger (I changed it more than a year ago, but it wasn’t functioning again.) Seems like the replacement charger that I bought is not 100% functional either, (the cable only charges when positioned at certain angles) so I’ll need to go back to the shop again :frowning: (It’s under warranty)

The swelling in my left ear is still there:

Onion and garlic has grown shoots. I think they’re placed too near the heat exchange of the fridge.

(Oops sideways.)

Broken luggage bag handle:

OMG these images take so long to upload, I now remember how bad the upload speeds are. Okay see ya, I’m going back to the shop to replace the charger under warranty.

Tagging people:


(the_termin8r ever said he’ll read new topics automatically, so I don’t need to tag him.)


Hey there, welcome back:)


Welcome back! Thanks for tagging me… how was the trip?


Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing your pics :slight_smile:


Welcome back!!! :slight_smile:


Welcome back :slight_smile:


Welcome back Samuel


Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to salvage my corrupted SD card. :sob:

Visiting the forums first time in a long time, I feel that my sadness has all returned to me. I haven’t visited plug in a long time either.

Anyway I finally bought the Kindle version of Sean Dowdell’s book:

What is you biggest regret in life

What’s the highest altitude you reached @samuel_the_leader ?


Welcome back dude.


@samuel_the_leader welcome back how was your trip.


Welcome back I missed you on the forms glad to hear you were just on a trip somewhere glad your back :grinning:


I’m not in the mood to reply for now.


The charging point in the laptop is actually at fault. So the laptop is being repaired at a discounted price of 60,00


Ooooooo… That must have been refreshing. Btw, pics or didn’t happen :yum:


Ooohhhh! :hushed::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: That’s so bad! Cause i know Himalaya pics are so nice… :pensive:

Ya… what was it??

Ok ok. Be fine . Take your time . I am glad that you are back :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: hope everything gets fine soon! :blush:


I’ve to ready a presentation that the office needs for tomorrow and I haven’t really started anything on it because of this. :frowning:


So this is what was changed, cuz apparently it was loose. But the charger still doesn’t charge properly from time to time, despite them changing the charger so many times. :angry: