Saying a song without saying the title


The rules are simple:

-Any artist (preferably Linkin Park, Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise.)
-Leave some clues. (Like the album, the duration, etc.)
-You must use related words with the title of the song you want to say.
-You can use links to do more interesting.
-Who guess first choice the next song.
-You can tag someone to continue with game.

Rules added after some questions:
-In case the clues don’t help, you can make questions to help.
-guess limit: 5. In case no-one guess, the soldier must give more clues. If in the second time nobody guess, the poster must say the answer and put a new song.

  • The answer counts as one, even if the answer be the same.

For example:
This song from MTM.

I left my Facebook’s session opened in the house of my girlfriend. (What I try/want to say.)

The answer is:
The little things give you away.

Any question, let me know.
PD: I’m bad writing titles :confused:


I’m the first:

Song of 2003 (Clue)

My ex.


Don 't stay?


Q: the players can make questions to resolve the game? @ironsoldier16


Sorry, no. But you’re close.

Yes. In case the clues don’t help, they can do it.


It’s “numb”??


Jajaja yes!

Your turn!




Moment…i have to think somenthing…not prepared for be the next! :crazy_face:


Ok. Take your time.


Got it! :crazy_face:

Song of 2012

Floating memories…

( @ironsoldier16 if you want to tell me advice/correct me feel free to do it)


Darker than blood?

(I’ll take in mind.)


Sorry,but wrong…




Do you want to play?
You can tag someone else if you want.


Burning In The Skies


Sorry,but you’re wrong too…


I’m here! Castle of glass?


Castle of Glass…


@ironsoldier16 what’s the guess limit?


Both of you are very close to.the solution!but it’s not that! :sweat_smile: