School project


i have a school project and i need to find out what albums do u guys like better.

hybrid theory
minutes to midnight
a thousand suns

could u vote below.


would be nice for ppl to help


Even though I like ALL of them, But if I HAD too pick it would be Hybrid Theory


I love all of them but the order is

  1. Hybrid Theory
  2. A Thousand Suns
  3. Meteora
  4. Minutes To Midnight


favorite to least favorite (but I love them all!): ATS, HT, MTM, Meteora


today my favorite is Minutes to Midnight :’)


I also have to agree Minutes to Midnight.


I really love all of them, but if you ask me to the decide I would take Meteora (; [wink]


Hybrid Theory!!! :smiley:


hard to say because all album has his own “soul” style, they all are amazing, but most excited i’ve been when listen A Thousand Suns.


I’m an old school lp fan but A Thousand Suns stands out the most to me :smiley:


Minutes to Midnight, pretty much for personal reasons