Searching a Live Concert from Germany, Leipzig 2011


Hello Friends,

im searching a long time for the Live Concert in the topic.
At this time they selling some USB-Sticks after the concert in the merch stores.
I missed the opportunity to buy one.
The usb stick included the entire concert.
So can anyone help me to find this Concert or can i buy it anywhere?
This concert was the best for me, cause i was in front of the stage and can see everything (im a smal person, usually i see nothing!).
i really want to have this concert as a Video.
Can somebody help me?

By the way, sorry for my bad english, i wish i could write it better than this.


I recommend checking out LPLive:

They know everything about live releases. You probably have to look in the ‘live’ section of the forums or make the same post as you did here

Good luck!