Searching for a specific footage


Hey guys!
First of all I’d like to say hi to you all, I’m a new user and am excited to discover this forum and get to know you a llittle!

Now I’ve been searching for specific footage for a few weeks and was hoping you could help me find it. I remember watching funny LP videos on Youtube quite a few years ago but I can’t seem to find some of them. There was a part with Chester talking about covering his whole body in tattoos so he doesn’t have to work out anymore, and another one stating that Brad had so much hair because of his big ego or something…
I know this isn’t much information to work with but maybe I get lucky and one of you happens to know what I’m talking about :smile:


Those don’t sound familiar to me but they are most likely LPU videos (you need to have a paid LPU account to be able to access those videos which is a shame).

I’ve been looking for the one where Chester was doing box jumping without a run-up backstage.


I came across this video in one of my youtube playlists. I don’t know if the clips you’re looking for are in this one though


nice playlist @Rick_van_Meijel lol :relaxed:


Thanks for your effort but it’s not in there… I feel like I have searched the whole YouTube for it already if that’s even possible :smiley:
But if you only have access to those videos having a payed account, how come I have seen them on YouTube about 8 years ago…? Well maybe they got deleted for that reason :confused:
I don’t even know why I want to find those videos so badly, I feel very nostalgic lately about the time I first really got into LP :smile:


These sound like stuff the boys said years ago. I’d be looking at old LPTVs if I were you (2000 and 2003 seasons). Maybe a tattoo interview Chester and Mike did in… 2005 I believe it was, is where C mentioned that about his body?

The reason LPU episodes (and everything LPU related really) are out there is simply because some members think they are cool by sharing everything with people outside the fanclub. It’s been a problem (one that cannot be solved) for years.


I’m a fan of those rebels. Why should fans have to pay to show that they are fans?