Searching for acapella from Points of Authority


Hi guys! I need help. My husband does cover versions of different songs, new arrangements and etc, but mostly he is a big FAN of LP songs. We just heard that LP coming soon in our country, and my husband want to play cover for LP. His favourite song is Points of Authority, but we can’t find acapella to this song in high quality. So i ask you if anyone know how to get acapella or have any ways to get it, or have acapella - please, write to me! In a month will be a year of marriage and i want to present him this opportunity to make a cover-song to Points of Authority! Thanks everyone for attention, i hope you will help.
If you want you can chek my husband’s channel to watch what he did


What do you mean by high quality? You mean lossless flac/alac or high bitrate lossy mp3/aac? There was an official acapella release, but only digitally I think, so no CD hence no lossless. At that time ppl were ignorant about bitrate, so probably the mp3s released are at most 128/192kbps.


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Not sure if you ever found one, but there isn’t an official release with it. Best thing is probably from DJ Hero’s remix of Pts.OF.Athrty if you can get it yourself