See what tomorrow brings


Continuing the discussion from LP7 - After “The Hunting Party”:

Im looking forward, they did such a good job on the hunting party that the next studio album become a new, further experience from the band to us. Looking right up now forward to the next european summit, maybe it will take too long and Ive to go to America. Somebody knew about the further plans of the band?


Why do you don’t just reply to the “LP7 - After THP”-post instead of quoting it and adding a new thread with the same topic?


Sorry did I something wrong? I´m new in the lpu! What was my fault?


Well, you made a thread to a topic although a thread to exactly that topic already exists. If you want to discuss about LP’s future you can do it in “LP7- After THP” :wink:


Thank you and “forgive me what I´ve done” You may answer me maybe another question? Where are you create the smilys for the chat?


“Don’t apologize I’m losing what I don’t deserve” :slight_smile:
Just make a “:)” or “;)” or “:O” or whatever and the smiley will appear after you posted you comment


Thanx “;O” now Ill be jumping on the right chanel. looking forward to meet again!