Seize the Day! - Honey8


Got a bit late this time. Cuz this week was quite busy. Hope ya’ll like it :slight_smile:

Lead me the way to woods
Those woods which absorb my fear
Woods which make me feel
Rejuvenate and provide a lear

Let me go to the forest fire
And burn in those flying flames
Incinerate my fear and flaws
And quit from all these games

Take me to serenity
A never ending peace
Safe inside the nature’s den
Wash clean me with cold breeze

Lift me high to greatness
To hear the eagle’s cry
Those majestic birds which swivel
And enjoy their heavenly plight

To the rivers which are perennial
For days, months and years
Whose beauty is quite neglected
By men with walk with spears

Let me have a campfire
And an amazing memorable time
Stop rest and see the beauty
Away from clamours and whines

Well…before I started this
My hot coffee had a lot to say
It has lost its vapours now
As I wonder to seize the day!

The Band


I like it
I like it alot :grin:


Noice :ok_hand:


Thanks guys!


Deep. I really like it!