Selling a LPU reissue of Hybrid Theory ep


Hey, sorting though a load of old cds and found the LPU reissue of Hybrid theory ep also the LPU 2 cd, thought they could make a good xmas present for a fan, rather than being sat around in a box. I can post pics to prove they’re not a fake etc. If anyone is interested just drop me a message.



How much?

Bare in mind i live in the uk!


Sorry for the late reply, I also live in the Uk, I’m not going to lie, I’ve no idea how much it’s worth.


The re-issue isn’t worth as much as the original version of it


Look on ebay and get a rough idea and get back to me


Hey sorry I had some time away over Xmas, I’ve had a look, lots of the originals for ridiculous prices and only one reissue for $120 on eBay so does £75 sound about right


Nah ill pass
I could search around and prob get it cheaper but good luck


Out of curiosity how much were you willing to spend on it?!


My max would be £50


Thats including p&p


If you want to do 50 then I’ll happily sell it you for that. You clearly love the band and will have a lot more use for it than me.

#12 feel free to give me a message