Selling Autographed Items


Please let me know if I’m not allowed to post this on the forums, but would it be a bad idea for me to sell items that have been signed by the members of Linkin Park? I’ve two T-shirts that have been autographed by all members and they come with old M&G-passes as a verification. I may also have a signed poster lying around somewhere, with a letter by LPUHQ.

Does anyone know whether I could get a reasonable amount of money for those, or whether such items would be too common to be worth selling? I’ve no idea what price range I should be looking at. I’ve also an old LPU-exclusive T-shirt and some T-shirts of previous tours, but I don’t think they’d be remotely valuable. Could anyone please help me out with this?


Can I have the poster and a shirt?


instagramm: zinsslerdavid you can contact me there


If you pay me the right price, you could definitely buy them, lol. :slight_smile: I’ll contact you on Instagram. I’m sorry for the late response, though.


My Instagram account is Gurmylicious. Please accept my following request and we’ll take it from there, I guess.