Selling my ticket for the Stuttgart show (04.11.2014)


Hey guys!
I am totally gutted about it but I can’t make it to the show in Stuttgart :(, so I’m selling my ticket (general admission, standing). As I want to sell it to another fan I will only post about it here and not sell the ticket on Ebay or similar sites. I bought the ticket in the LPU presale. You only have to pay the price that’s stated on the ticket, which is 67,70€. Please hit me up if you’re interested in buying it or if you know someone who might.
Maybe we’ll see each other at the shows in Cologne and Frankfurt!


Okay guys, as the concert is not that far away and I didn’t get any responses here I have to post about it elsewhere.


is that ticket still up for grabs?


No, I’m sorry :(. I already sold it.