I’ve been listening to Bring Me The Horizon’s newest album, Sempiternal. and I would say it has traits a little like Linkin Park with a much more hardcore tone to it. Wondering if anyone else thought the same way or also really likes Bring Me The Horizon?


I love BMTH and yes, Sempiternal does have some LP elements to it. Oli Sykes is a huge fan of LP and Chester, though, it could have something to do with it.


Yes I love BMTH and I even think Oliver said in an interview that linkin park had influenced the album


Sempiternal is one of the best albums of recent memory :smiley: and yeah it is like a heavier linkin park


Yeah I would agree with you Bullet739. Incredible album from an incredible band.


I love the album, I actually bought this one too & I don’t buy many albums. Every song sounds great.


Love the album! What’s your favorite song on it? Mine is shadow moses!


I wondered if anyone else wondered this myself. I hear little blips of LP in the album and think “I know where you got that idea from Mr Sykes!”. They also have links to the game Metal Gear Solid. They named the song ‘Shadow Moses’ because the choir vocals at the start of the song sound like the choir vocals at the start of Metal Gear Solid 1 when Snake is in the underground tunnels of Shadow Moses Island. But anyway, BMTH are one of my favourite bands right now and I’m from their home town of Sheffield, UK! I hang out where Oli used to hang out with his friends on Devonshire Green in Sheffield. :smiley:


My favourite English band.


love them too :slight_smile: