Serious issue


I found this today by chance. And all I want to do is to ask to the Community to watch this video and share it. Do not let this to get lose, it’s an important issue. This 29:59 minutes video totally worth it. THIS MUST BE SEEN BY THE BANDMEMBERS IF THERE’S POSBILE. MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!!!


I watched it. IS the world better now? yay!


Seems that I have to watch it :slight_smile:


oh god…


This whole Kony thing is a scam. Seriously, the dude who made this just wanted donations to his organization so he could buy things for him. It is IMPOSSIBLE to give money to countries that are led by DICTATORS.

+Joseph Kony was arrested in 2007 and he was released 2 months later. Now he wants to arrest him again… what do you think will happen next?

+The CEO of Invisible Children (the narrator of the video) was arrested not long ago for public nudity and impaired driving. You don’t need details honestly. So now HE is in jail.

This whole thing is crap. Just making naive people give the little money they have.


30% of their profits go towards the Ugandan Children. 70% of it goes somewhere else


Watched it. I feel a little depressed now


[quote=Antoine Pandobox Morin][/quote]
Maybe you are right and that film maker isn’t honest. But that’s not the point. We can ignore that film, but the problems in Uganda and Sudan etc. are real and they are still there. The question is, what can WE do? I don’t know. Look at the enormous effort, with the USA and Europe tried to get fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. Billions of Dollar went away. But Africa nobody cares. That’s sad :frowning: