Service Host Local System High Memory Usage in Windows 10


Hello, Please help me! I have i7 intel core processor with 8GB RAM PC all is fine with it but suddenly I am getting the notification that your memory is low, close some applications to free up space. Actually I am using some high memory consuming programs. So please let me know how to correct this.


Ummm…I’m not sure you’re on the right forums. :joy:

The only fix I can think of that doesn’t require you getting a RAM upgrade is to run the heavy programs on their own with nothing else in the background, otherwise I don’t think there’s much else you can do. I’d say, find a tech forum and ask there.

You posting here is like me asking a baker how to perform brain surgery. This isn’t the best place to get help.


Was the same sentence came in my head :laughing::stuck_out_tongue:


Open up an elevated Command Prompt by typing “CMD” in Start, right-clicking on the first option, and selecting “Run as administrator.” Enter “sfc /scannow.” After this, enter “Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth”. Visit here - 8 methods are explained here.


Did this start all of the sudden? An i7 core processor should be able to handle lots of high memory demands. Have you done a virus scan? Are you running low on hard drive space? Any other strange behavior (blue screens, popup warnings)? Have you recently installed/ downloaded new software? :thinking: