Share to earn top 100


Has anyone who was in the top 100 in the share to earn contest received their cd? I haven’t recieved my cs or top 1000 photo


I havent got my top 1000 pic either


I was in the top 100 and received the cd in the mail today


I hope I get mine tomorrow then…where do you live?


I’m in California. Hopefully, you’ll get it tomorrow. It was shipped UPS ground from California. That’s probably why I got it so quickly.

Edit: I looked up the tracking number and it was mailed on September 17th. Depending on where you live, this should give you a better idea of when you’ll get it.


Ok thanks! Yea given that lp is in Cali…makes sense you’d get it first. Im in Oklahoma so usually takes a couple days


It finally arrived today!!