Share your CASTLE OF GLASS design for Linkin Park


Hey everyone!!

I couldn’t find a post regarding the CASTLE OF GLASS design contest, but if there is, please be so kind and don’t behead me.

The LP community is full of creative artists so I thought we could share our submissions in here.

Here’s my submission :slight_smile:


I’d watermark anything you upload here to make sure no one steals your work.


Where The Sirens Sing Best of luck to everyone!


amazing you guys!
i also wanted to enter but im so bad at drawing on paper :frowning:


I want to participate too but I’m still not sure about my idea so I can’t start to design it yet.


I changed mine to this

A Nova’s Glow …better?


Wow, looks really cool! How’d you make it Lizzi?


[quote=Ruchaan Schmidt]Wow, looks really cool! How’d you make it Lizzi?

Thanks!! Well, I drew it first and then edited it on photoshop. :slight_smile:


Mine isn’t that good as all the other nice pictures. Good work everybody :slight_smile:

Here is the link to my pic on Talenthouse. My pic has the name “Journey Through Time”


I re-did mine…I hope it’s better!

here is the link to my page…

Where The Sirens Sing




my entry: click me



i like that, espacially the glass

if some of the others you like say that maybe i change the entry.


my design :slight_smile:


[quote=The Big_D]my entry: click me



That’s pretty nice. I love the texture



Hi, guys!! Check out my entry for the contest!
The deadline to enter the contest is almost here!!! Good luck, everyone!



Really, really like your picture :smiley: personally I think a different font type would go better with it though, but I love your design


I uploaded my final version yesterday~


Very beautiful drawings! I feel intimidated by the drawings… xD I’m not good with design, and I don’t believe I’ll win, but I want to show you! xD do not laugh!


hahaha!!! An alien singing Castle of glass! xD