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Hello, everyone. My name is Emily and I am a professional photographer. I am doing a passion project inspired by Linkin Park. I am doing a series of seven fine art photos featuring each album. The pictures will be about depression/mental illness, and suicide. I want to show people with out this illness what it’s like to have depression thought pictures. I have personally gone through depression and have been on the brink of suicide myself. I also want this to be about the fans. I need your stories if you would like to share. I need stories of how you went through depression or fought to stay alive when you thought you might leave this world. and how Linkin park helped saved you or got you through the worst of times. How you can relate, and how Linkinpark helped heal you. IF you can please try to keep it short to about 3 to 4 paragraph. Make sure you go through and edit the piece, make sure all spelling is correct, maybe make a couple of drafts, etc. I want this to be a really good article. Me and my team will go through and select the best written and the most stunning stories. I want our voices to matter. You can find me on Facebook at or email at OR even share your story here. I hope to hear your voice. I also want the band to know how much they have helped you.

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