Shared Writings


Adding a topic for this. I am wanting to include any and all shared writings. Will continue to add to this post myself.

Writing can include journals, poems, discussion, etc.

Meant for open dialogue, and a place to compare work with each other.


Without a glance
We have been meeting eye to eye

Once we had gotten lost
No hope to return home

Empty hearts and hands

I think we can find each other again


A quick word of caution about that. You only have a limited edit time for the OP (I think it is maybe a month or so, but don’t quote me on that). The way you can get around that is if you make the post a wiki, however, the catch with that is that anyone can edit it. Your other option is when your edit time expires you can ask @jFar920 to make it a wiki for you while you edit it and then turn it back (he’s a mod).

Otherwise I’m looking forward to your content. :slight_smile:


Okay… thanks for that. Still learning how the posting works on here. If anything, it can just kind of be a writing compilation. Maybe I can find a good way to use prompts on here.

Hmmmm. :wink:

I’m gonna keep working on it. Thanks! :smile:


Or you can just post as you go. Also posts have a 32K character limit which is a fair bit but if you have a lot of work it won’t fit in one post.