Shinoda in Germany!


I am so happy to see another European date added!
Anyone in here who is coming to the German show??

I am gonna come from Denmark! Can’t wait :grin::grin::grin:

Shinoda Cologne Flash Mob
German LPUers

Yeah me !!!so excited…only have to get tickets​:muscle::muscle:


Haha yes!!
Ad soon as I saw I just had to ask if I could get off work! So I’m ready now :+1::wink:


Nice…I live in Köln so it was a no-brauner and that day I work only till 3pm​:muscle::muscle::muscle:that is a sign…it meant to be​:joy::joy::joy:


EXCITED :upside_down_face::tada::man_dancing:t2: Yaaay (4) - oh how I needed this rn :heart:


Im happy for you! Best luck on those tickets!

Sadly I can´t make it to cologne on a wednesday…

I hope for another show in south Germany


Haha that sounds perfect!! :grin:


Does anybody have an idea how much a ticket will cost?


I doubt they’ll be very expensive. The Bangkok show is for about 50 euro, but difficult to compare the two.

Are you from Denmark?


I am going there to


And what about M&G? What do you think?:thinking:


Yeah I think there will be one! He said that he would try to do them everywhere. And as it’s his own show and not a festival I believe there’s a good chance. :+1:


I’ll be there, already got my ticket! Fortunately, I have summer holidays in August (no work, yesssss) and so I’ll be able to come from Munich :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to meet all of you, this will be my first event as a LPU member and I’m so excited :blush:


Did anyone else have problem with the shipment when they do not live in Germany. I had to pay 35 euro for world wide shipment as there was no other option for Denmark. So I took the chance and booked Austria delivery and wrote to ticketmaster. Hopefully it’ll work out!


That sounds great!!


Good luck!


So if there´s a M&G this makes it even better! Does anyone know how many people can join this?


Were can I buy the presale-tickets??
I can find the “password” under my profile-picture, but it leeds me to the information-page, where “there are no presales at this time” is written…


This is the link

Good Luck!


Thank you! But were do I have to type in the password to get to the LPU-presale?