Shinoda in Germany!


This show will get really special it seems! Maybe the “unique” show in Germany that has been for LP related stuff?!


Second gig in Germany! Offenbach!


Offenbach - damn! A little bit earlier would have been better :smiley:


Gibt es hier die Möglichkeit sich einer Gruppe in Offenbach anzuschließen? Da ich alleine anreisen werde. :smiley:


They were 45 euro and 5 euro service cost. So 50 euro


Wow that’s around the same price as ticket for LP was


Ich reise auch alleine aus der Schweiz und wäre froh wenn ich mich jemandem anschliessen könnte :slight_smile:


Na das lässt sich doch einrichten. :slight_smile:


Sollte kein Problem sein​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Sorry to be that guy, :see_no_evil: but can you please post in english? It’s kinda unfriendly for everyone not able to understand it and the code of conduct requires english.

On topic: yeah- nobody will be alone that day- maybe there is a possibility to add you guys to our WA group? @chrizz93 and @Vita181 ? @Klickzz has posted her email a few posts above- go to give her your mobile number- would be nice. And you will get all ifo about the flashmobs, meeting times and a lot of fun… some of us have their Boris already …


Oh i‘m sorry for that. :see_no_evil:
Of course i will post in english. :slight_smile:


Thanx :+1:t2: and no worries :wink: all fine :sunny:


I’m still searching for some Soldiers from Hessen (Germany) who gonna go to Cologne :slight_smile: