Shinoda in Leeds


Anyone in here who is coming to Leeds?? I have found a few for reading, but noone for leeds so far?? :hugs::blush:


I’m coming to Leeds :slight_smile:


Yeii!! Will you be a the meet up to sign the flag? :blush:


I’m coming to Leeds alone. Can duck and dive through the crowd loads easier if I don’t have to worry about my wife being able to see, hahaha.


Genuinely cannot wait. And I REALLY would love it if Mike did a song with Sum 41. What do you guys reckon? Think it’s a possibility? Sum 41 used to play Faint on tour last year, and they played the memorial show.


Awesome!! I just hope to be there early enough for front row… but guess it also depends on if I get lucky enough for m&g :wink:
Hmm don’t know about sum41… mike did join in with someone in asia! Can’t remember who :thinking: so guess everything is possible!


Weather for Leeds looks awful :frowning: It has been dry on the forecast all week, and now we’re getting close it’s changed to an absolute washout… Off to buy a poncho today I think lol


I hope so! :slight_smile:
Checked the map when this meet up will be situated and I will try to get there !:slight_smile:


Hope they will do something together on stage !
If not I believe that maybe sum 41 will sing a LP’s song as they know that Mike and LP fans are there!:slight_smile:
Did anyone ‘apply’ on M&G in Leeds?


I applied for Leeds M&G. We should know by the end of the day… Good luck!


Good luck! :slight_smile:


Yep aapplied as well! For a long time I couldn’t find anyone coming to Leeds so thought it was a safe win! Now everyone is coming, which is really great, then I won’t have to sing along all by my self :wink:


Did anyone get an e-mail??


Still nothing. Waiting from some note if anyone get an email. And still checking mine every 5min. :frowning:


Me too… can’t find anything… but believe it is too late :confused:


Last night’s emails were sent for reading around 8:45, so don’t give up people.


Got my fingers crossed for you guys!


Thank you. What will be, will be. Considering its going to be raining all day, a meet and greet would be lovely lol.

Hope you have an incredible day tomorrow!!!


Still nothing?


Still nothing.