Shinoda in Sweden!



Who are coming to the Stockholm concert??
I am going from Denmark! Excited to meet more Scandinavian soldiers :grin::heart:


Im going from Norway😊 this will be my first real show ever. Totally up for a soldier m&g😃


Yeiii!! We should defiantly do a meet up somewhere before the concert!
Will you get there the day before? :blush:


Sure will. I’m taking the train from göteborg in the morning. Arriving in Stockholm around 1230. I’m staying at a hotel close to the berzelii park😊


Wow awesome seem like you have it all planned out already! :blush::blush: I am coming with my friend, think we will get there the day before, but have to work it all out! Also talked to a girl on Twitter who is coming from Latvia on her own! Excited to meet you all! :blush::blush:


Just the cab ride left now😂 maybe we could all met up for a pizza or something nearby😃


I am hoping to come from estonia! I just need to figure out getting off work, plane tickets and hotel. Got the show ticket at least to be sure I have it :grin: Last time I saw LP was in Sweden too.


Yes sounds like a good Idea! If you have whatsapp Hou can add me there, nu Number is +4531602904 :blush:


Yeii Awesome!! Will be good to see mike there as well :grin:


@margit you can of course also add me on WhatsApp if you wanna meet up! We can make a group chat :slight_smile:


I’m going! I live in Stockholm and i’m so happy Mike is finally come here for a concert :heart:


I’ll be there, can’t wait! :slightly_smiling_face:


@marialp2 and @catrinholmgren if are also interested in meeting up! Please let me know and I can add you to our group chat in WhatsApp :hugs:


Oh cool, yes Please add me :smile:


Sure Will!! Just let me know your phone number or write to me at +4531602904


I have add you on WhatsApp now :grinning:


Var bor du?


I Skellefteå!

Skickat från min iPhone


Ah ok, Sthlm här :grinning:


Nice, ibland önskar jag att jag inte bodde så högt upp. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Vi landar i Stockholm kvällen innan konserten så vi får lite tid i storstaaan iaf. :grinning::+1:t2:

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