Shinoda in Sweden!


Skönt med lite tid dagen innan här, slippa stressa. Vart ska du bo?


Vi ska bo på Scandic no. 53. (Jag har fått med mig min man.) Vart i Sthlm bor du?

Skickat från min iPhone


This will be my first time ever in Stockholm…what better time to visit this city than 1st week of Sept…impatiently waiting on the Mike Shinoda Show !! Hope it to be the longest show on his tour :smiley:

If there is a whatsapp grp for LPU member for this show feeel free to add me up admin - +966509713566
See you guys there…now let me get back to running from my shadow. !


@saamirzaheer great to see one more!! I have added you. My first time in stockholm too!! :blush:


Oh me and my wife is coming


Hey Everyone!
What do you think about if as many of us lpu members get together before the show in Sthlm??

Maybe eat something talk and have a good time before the show??


We already have a whatsapp Group for all those interested in a meet up! If you give me your phone number I can add you! But I work you that there are a lot of messages, getting hard to keep up as we are quite a few by now :joy:


Awesome My phone nr is +46734330933


@mariafordsmand here are the Swedish group :grin:


Coool thanks😁


Oh yeah!! I’m from Lithuania! :wink:


Please add me too +4670 336 81 22
I’m going by myself, would me nice to know some people. :slight_smile:


I’m going as well! :smiley: Traveling from Gothenburg by train the same day


Sure will :blush:


What songs are you all hoping for? Mike seems to have changed his Europe setlists compared to the Asian ones a little bit. I’m hoping for Castle of glass after the intro and of course Ghosts, otherwise I’m quite happy with the setlists so far :smiley: although he seems to have dropped Ghosts for Europe so far… :frowning:


Would love I.O.U


I.o.u would be fantastic to hear live!!
With all the Boris’ we Will bring he must do ghosts :wink:


Agree on that!!:laughing:


Oh my, did you guys see the amazing setlist for the show in Germany yesterday? Ghosts and IOU and soo many other new ones!! :grinning: and a much longer set than previously, although that makes sense I guess since the other Europe shows so far were on festivals


Can’t wait! The setlist in Germany was amazing!
Need to start packing for next week. Getting my old LP flag with HT soldier! Hope to get invite to M&G :)))