Shipping and Payment


Hey guys,
i just wanted to buy something from the shop, but i dont want to pay with credit card. I thought i could pay with pay pal. I’m unable to select how i want to pay, it just automatically chooses credit card.
Can somebody help me?


You can pay via paypal, dunno why it doesn’t let you. Have you changed your billing information and added your paypal info instead of your credit card? 'Cause I just tried changing my info and it updated just fine.


Thats what i wanted to do, to delete my credit card information and pay with paypal instead.
In my account I can only see where i can change my billing and shipping adress , but nothing about how i want to pay… when I try to pay with paypal at the checkout it always skips the billing-part and when i click back to to billing page i see the options i have ( credit card or paypal), but i can’t choose because the page changes again and then the only thing I can change is my adress or information about my credit card…


That’s weird, it lets me change it just fine. Go to your dashboard and change your billing information from there and then try to complete your purchase. If it doesn’t work again, contact support. Must be a glitch.


I just can’t choose the payment method, it always skips that part and takes me directly to the summary…
I’ll contact support, thank you !


But if you press on the billing tab it will redirect you there…


Thats what i do, for like 3 hours…
And i see the button where i can change from credit card to paypal but it only stays there for like one second and then it disappears and the only thing i see is my billing adress…
I now tried it with firefox, internet explorer and google chrome. It all the same. I dont know why it doesn’t work for my account…


If i could show you a short video i just recorded you would see what i mean.


I honestly don’t know why it does that :confused: Email support, they’ll be able to help you.