Shipping & Handling for a LPU Digital membership ? WTF?


Hello. After my problems with Deluxe…Now problems with the Digital membership. Why I have to pay for Shipping & Handling ? It’s digital membership so…I don’t understand. It’s an error ?

Thanks. (I really don’t understand why Shipping & Handling on LPU is so heavy now. For 40$ I have to pay 57$ of Shipping & Handling. 80€ …)

Thanks for your help.


I must pay 67 dolar for bundle membership 40 dolar.and it didn’t come yet



40 dollar(Bundle) it comes with t-shirt and more stuff so you need to put it…


I’ve never seen the shipping screen appear when buying anything digital from the LPU store. Are you sure it wasn’t for merchandise or that you had something else in the cart?