Shoes and other favorite things


Let’s talk about shoes! From the shoes Mike Shinoda designed, to the flipflops, pumps and whatever footwear else we like or dislike.

Like, what’s the shoe you wear most often for example?
I’m a sucker for this type of shoe for instance;


Oh no you didn’t! Now I feel obligated to take a photo of my most favorite pairs and upload it here. And drool all over the rest of them.


LOL, this is gonna be a 2 person thread. I’m itching to start a car related thread but that’d be a 2 person thread too.


Alright, I changed the title so we can talk about various favorite things :stuck_out_tongue:


This is gonna be hard now…

Funny one though cause we all get to post favorite things and drool, and the others most likely won’t even get it. lol


A very true depiction:


Literally me every time I get new chucks!


Too late lol. I’ll edit the ‘cars’ bit out of the title if that’s ok with you.


Yeah, glad I was able to change the title :stuck_out_tongue: I personally like the “brand new” look on converse shoes and the likes. Funny video though!

So… anyone like Mike’s footwear?


Why you wanna edit the cars part out?


Because I just made a separate thread as you were posting before lol


Oooooh ok I see. LOL good good then :laughing:


I generally prefer simple canvas shoes as casual wear, but these days I sport hiking shoes. I have a torn ligament which is superbly cushioned by the shoe, and it’s great for the winters too :slightly_smiling:

@the_termin8r1 I guess there will be a lot of contribution in the car forum and I will join in there tomorrow as i am about to go offline. Happy vrooming!


Sweet. I look forward to some interesting conversations.

See you tomorrow :slightly_smiling:


let it be let it be let it beeeeeeeeee letitbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So a short clearup hat´s the theme lol @ gatsie and @the_termin8r1


Ok, starting with shoes, my two most favorite pairs ever:

Vans Atwood (laces come in the same color but changed mine with black ones):

DC “Pride” special edition by the one and only Mike Shinoda (they come with 2different laces, I choose to wear the black ones):

DC used to be my favourite brand but I haven’t liked their models in the recent few years. Love Vans and Converse, really like Nike (Janoski SB). I will elaborate on models if you want me to.
Anything other than skate shoes I don’t like. I own a pair of military boots and it’s the only different thing I wear.

More things tomorrow since I know you all are dying to see my favorite guitars lol.


The VANS ones look pretty cool with the black laces. But here’s the important takeaway: You have small feet :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I will be waiting for the guitar(s).


@evooba ot


I only own like 4 pairs of shoes and I might have out grown a pair. Right now all but one pair is boxed up and put away so I can only post pics from online.

My speedo trainers (they’re meant to be used for aquatic sports yet walking over wet metal is like walking on black ice)

I’ve got some asics

I’ve got a pair of expensive merrell boots (which I might have out grown). These had the most annoying laces ever. They kept getting undone because they had some kind of waterproof material that had little friction.

Mine look very close to this

And I own a pair of black leather Clarks without laces (as in you just slip them on, I’m not implying I bought them without laces).


Sooo cool @evooba you got some darned MS/ DC shoes they look comfy and awesome!
@the_termin8r1 Thanks for sharing your collection.

Well I’ll share some too then. Do excuse the bad lighting. My phone camera is sucky.
Here’s one of my favorite pumps:

And my cowboy boots;

The cowboy boots I wear a lot really, because they’re easy to slip into.

And converse of course:

Might share more later.