Shoreline Mountain View - Who got Pre-sale Tickets?


What row did you get on the pre-sale?


Row J in section 101 – what about yourself?


Section 101 Row I I’m ecstatic! I’ve never been so close before! :slight_smile:


Section 102 Row F :)… I was just at BFD on Saturday and sat in Section 102 “H” and the seats were awesome. Here is some video from my youtube account so you can see.


Section 101 Row G


Row E 101 - So excited!


Row I in 103 but near aisle next to Section 101 Stoked This is my first LP show and will be so close–and hey, Incubus is nothing to shrug about


why do i get paid tomorrow ugh i could’ve gotten my tickets today


Sec 101 row E Seats 1 and 2!! Can’t wait! this will be my 10th time seeing LP!!!


sec 102 for F


Section 101, Row H, Seats 5 + 6.

I’m a bit disappointed… I didn’t know they went on sale at 10AM this morning. I just happened to be on Facebook and saw their post that pre-sale was this morning.

When did they post that pre-sale was this morning? Over the weekend?! I’m on LPU almost every day… how did I miss this?

update Damn it, it was announced on Friday. Can’t believe I missed it… wish I had gotten better seats or at least in Section 102.


Section 102 DD :slight_smile:


Every time I refresh it I keep getting like the last rows and been trying to get good seats since 10am


Got mine. But anybody knows the access code/pw for the Honda presale on Livenation?
I didn’t get notification for this presale either, found out from twitter. Did anyone actually got an email from LPU about this?


Whats the presale code?!?!?!??! :frowning:


I think they may have forgot to email the code, but civctour is the code from Honda Civic. After 5 hours of refreshing ticket pages I finally got ‘okay’ seats, 17 rows from stage. Thanks LPU and Living Things Preorder…[evil]