Shoreline tickets not showing


Is anyone else having issues trying to purchase Mountainview (Shoreline) tickets? I came on at 10 am, and that is the only show not up. Any suggestions?



Saw one person saying they weren’t going to be available today, but no idea if that is here-say. It would be really nice for LP’s PR people to give us a heads up on whats going on with those tickets.


If u look at the main page with the dates on at the bottom it says MT.View tickets sales TBD. I was mad too. I dont think its gonna happen today. It sucks cause how r we gonna know when they r going on sale.


It’d still be good to know. I mean some people are getting row V. How can we have special presale and any concert be sold to Row V already?


From LPU chatroom :

[12:01 AM] alisaanders: AHHHH, you can buy tickets for all the shows, butnot the one in Mountain View :frowning:
[12:01 AM] Adam: mountain view is not on sale yet


I took the morning off for this. It sucks…


Well, it would be nice if they explained that since the website did state all tickets would be made available today. Oh well, guess those of us who are going to Mountainview are going to have to struggle with everyone trying to get in, or will they still give us 24 hours? Isn’t this part of the perks we love being in the LPU…early access?


Hopefully they’ll be smart and email all the LP members when the tickets will go on sale that way we still get first cracks at the tickets. But I bet this is going to turn out like the A7X “free” concert shitstorm that happened last fall.


what sucks if they dont send out an email to all of us, members, telling us when they will go on sale. I bet they r gonna have radio station pre sales with lpu pre sales together like last year. Thats sucks cause its free to be a vip member of a radio station and we have to pay for it.


[quote=purrfect]From LPU chatroom :

[12:01 AM] alisaanders: AHHHH, you can buy tickets for all the shows, butnot the one in Mountain View :frowning:
[12:01 AM] Adam: mountain view is not on sale yet


thanks for quoting me :slight_smile:
I asked Adam and he said they don’t know when the tickets will be on sale, but they will announce it once they know…
I hope we still have a chance for pre-sale


I thought we got first in access to the best tickets, but I see some people are over 20 rows back already for their area

But I also see scalpers are claiming to have tickets to this show. I can see how they will get lawn tickets as though they have the, but not sure how they can say they have seated tickets in the exact row…love being able to choose specific seating, but non-fans jacking up fix just sucks.


How nice. I paid $25 to join LPU last week to NOT get presale access to Mountain View! Nice scam guys!


It’s not a scam, since all the other shows are up. It means that there’s a problem with that venue, not the LPU particularly. Try to assume mistake before malice, OK? Or, at least learn to direct your complaints to the right people.

What I would have liked, though, was a heads up. Or some sort of notice when these guys are gonna go up.


The mountain view show is listed as TBD. ugh, I went into the Chula Vista show and it gave me general admission. The pit. I would rather have a seat.


Mountain View has no floor. This is probably why there is no pre-sale.


The presale is GA only? That’s strange, I could have sworn other shows are getting people with seat tickets. I just read someone at another show who had a seat choice. It’s not GA only.

EDIT: tickets WILL be on sale eventually, according to Adam. We just dont know when.


I appreciate all of your help and suggestions. I will say the communication breakdown was a little frustrating this morning. But, as long as I get the information on when these tickets finally do go on sale, and I get myself a ticket, I’ll be happy. I just want to see them live again. I had to miss last year due to a severe injury, so I am looking forward to this year.

And just a side note: most of you are very kind and understanding. But, the others who are bad mouthing LP and LPU are inappropriately projecting anger. It is not their fault this happened, it just happens. Let’s all try to be the loving community this should be. Thank you. Rant over! :slight_smile:


Even before a purchase of a membership, on the main page of it says that the shoreline had TBD. That’s what the asterisks were for.