Show Me Your Skills


Quick pencil sketches of Mike & Chester from "The Catalyst"
Total time: ~ 30 mins

My DA:

Feel free to post your work as well. :slight_smile:


best thing is to try, i do sucks in pencil stuff, but i wish i can let time back and learn how to draw with pencil :frowning: .
well your drawing not bad, but sure you are better than me hahaha !
keep it up !


nice work. looks like a jedi portrait too :wink:


oh i love it
i love mike with that haircut
you made it look gorgeous


Thanks! Practice, practice! That’s all I can say… :slight_smile:


Those are really cool.


Here’s one of mine…not at good as some but I think I did ok I guess…I still need to draw Mike…one of these days I will


no offence but the 2nd chester one, his mustache looks kinda weird xD

you do see its chester but i still like the mike one the most :smiley: