Show recordings!


Hey there peeps!

I was wondering if any of you knew about this: at some point, the band systematically recorded the shows they played, and you could get the recording through some meaning or other.

Does any of you guys know if it’s still being done? If so, where could I get the recording from the 2015-june-20 show in Montebello Canada?

Thanks for the information!


You mean the DSP Program?
If yes, unfortunately they stopped this after 2012. Every show from 2013, 2014 etc is not sold like earlier shows.
So bad they stopped DSP, I would die for professional audio recording from Wroclaw (2014), Orlando (2015) and in the future from Rybnik.
I’ve heard that they were recording shows in 2013 and 2014 (not sure about 2015), but not mixing, releasing etc


Thanks for the information ^^


They record every show, but stopped releasing them in 2012. We collect fan recordings on, which you are more than welcome to ask for and share on our audio/video section of the forum.

We will soon be campaigning for the band to release MORE shows via the DSP program, and we will launch this campaign in August. Stay tuned!