Shows cancelled including ours :(


So I was finally able to save up the money to buy the tickets to the Feb. 4th show in Grand Rapids, MI and have the tickets hanging on the fridge. They were a gift for my wife for Christmas. She has been a HUGE fan for the past 9 years after I had introduced her to the music and now, sadly, she cannot enjoy both her first LP show and her first rock concert ever.

Needless to say we are bummed although we both hope Chester gets well soon.

If anyone from LP sees this, would it even be remotely possible for my wife to get a pic of the band signed and, maybe, saying sorry you could not make it ? That would, at least, shine a light on this whole sad ordeal and be a nice replacement gift for her. :smile:

I know it is a longshot but, well, worth a try.


You should try to go to Wisconsin’s show this summer, as it isn’t canceled and near by


I would but am partially disabled and on a very tight budget which is why I had to save hard to afford the local tickets. Driving a couple states away, sadly, is not possible :frowning: