Sightseeing LP related Spots


Hey Guys,

I need your help, i would love to visit some LP related places, no matter where.
For example I am planning a short trip to Prag in Tschechien where they filmed parts of “From the Inside” and “Numb”.
Especially Prag is a place that I want to visit in January 2018.
For sure I would upload some pictures, like one of the Bridge where the beginning scene of “Numb” was filmed.
Would be nice if someone has some other Ideas where to go

Thanx :smile:


So you mean like places where music videos were shot, or places that also have some sort of LP reference? I went to Cali a few weeks back and took a pic and short video of the Chester Bennington Mural, if you would like to see them, let me know!



I would love to see the pictures
Hope one day i can visit whiskey a gogo


You are going to Prague? :heart_eyes: I hope you’ll enjoy it here :hugs:


Thank you do you live there? If so we could meet :blush:


No, I don’t live in Prague… But I’m from the Czech Republic :blush:
Actually, I’d love to meet all of LP family one day, when I get older… Maybe on some Linkin Park show (I hope there’ll be some more :smirk:)


How about Los Angeles California Where they filmed onestep closer


I have an idea! :crazy_face:
Meteora bring its name from the Orthodox monasteries in Greece! Maybe @georkost knows the location??


Yes Meteora is a greek word and a place :slight_smile:


Thanks!from the pics it’s a beautiful place! :heart_eyes: :smile:


It’s one of the places that I plan to visit… Just for the view… :slight_smile:


Yeah, do it! :heart_eyes: :smile: