Signed Poster Value?


I grew up listening to Linkin Park and always felt like they just got me when I was a teen. In 2008 I got the most amazing opportunity to see them in concert. I won 2 VIP tickets to their concert in Charlotte which included a picture with Chris Cornell and a signed poster from the concert for me and my guest. Flash forward to a couple of months ago and my husband (my boyfriend at the concert) and I found everything we had kept from the concert in boxes. Ticket stubs, concert booklets, etc. We also have two of the signed posters and they have been kept in the tube they were given to us in. They are in excellent condition. Now, I sit here and wonder who could tell me what these posters are worth? I have no idea where to even start and would love for them to be framed and hung up. I have searched the internet/ebay with no luck finding what I have. Just thought this would be a good starting place!


These signed posters are much more worth than money. Don’t sell them, you’ll regret it eventually :slight_smile:


Since Chris and Chester have both passed, the value of those posters has probably increased significantly. Preserving them in frames is a great idea, and if I were you, I wouldn’t let those things out of my sight.


That’s kind of what I was figuring and with us having two I wouldn’t mind having the money off of one but had no idea what a fair asking price was!


Do you mind taking a picture of it and sharing it here?


Here it is!


I realize my description may have been misleading. A Linkin Park poster signed by Chris Cornell.