Silly Linkin Park Moments


Ok, I figured this needed a new thread. A thread where we can share silly stuff LP does live or whatever.
Anything from LPTV, stuff they share at random via social media or the stuff they do live…

Stuff… Like this one time when Mike decided to go swimming in the crowd…:


It was absolutely horrible. All of them were drunk, including Chester.

Latest silly thing they’ve done is face swap… they look terrible.


the 3 backing singers doesn’t look cool at all…strange…but Fort Minor are cool…great album The Rising Tied


OMG the FM show reminds me of the time I saw Eminem and D12 live on stage. They were obviously enjoying Amsterdam’s finest before they took the stage and drank on stage too.
In Eminem’s case it wasn’t that bad…

Let’s not even speak of how Snoop Dogg can be live on stage. That man is a walking drugstore. But he can get away with it, cause he’s Snoop.

It’s pretty normal for rappers to have a few hypemen walking around on stage too, to back up in case the rapper slips up or is out of breath or is… unfocused because of substances… These guys with FM though all just seem to be… Unfocused… Indeed… I guess Mike was trying too hard to play that tough rapboy act and failed.

Honestly, I support the guy but his FM phase is not my favorite part of his career. I don’t hate FM, just how hard he tried to be something he isn’t… If that makes sense?

Face swap? You mean this one with Ïndonesian actor Yayan Ruhian [Mad Dog from The Raid Redemption]?


No the face swap is these:


Hahahaha these are good! :smile:


OMG they are hideous! I think I need more wine to drink away the trauma.


I´m with ya dear… :sunglasses:


How about this for a silly LP moment?


getting my trousers nearly, peed,:joy: you got the best oMine was nes,:grin: nice Topic btw, have to serve a lil to get sm stuff found to post it out here…how was ya day going? Mine was busy and ended up at last…:confounded:


My day was slow, haha but thank goodness for some sun. I bet you’re glad the busy part of the day has come to an end? Time for some relax and fun time :slight_smile:


@Gatsie This was a terrible example of FM to be honest. It was the only concert they were ever wasted. Eric (the drummer he had on tour) is a great musician, the 3 backing vocalists, I wasn’t a fan of either from the very beginning, but Tak and Ryu are amazing people. Especially Ryu, since I know him way better than Tak, so humble and kind… it’s sad the rapper’s image makes them look like they’re a**holes.


We have a Dutch saying that goes; Booze destroys more than you want.

Was this their first show ever or something? That they decided to get wasted to drink the nerves away or something? Lol


No, it was one of the last ones actually… I just think they felt more “at home” at this one since it was for Club Tattoo’s anniversary. They regretted it afterwards…


sry guys havea long term tom, early up, so, haveto go and countsheeps…lol wish ya´ll best fun tonight, cya tom :grin:


Ah well we all have stupid stuff we do that we regret later on. :stuck_out_tongue:

@The_early_walker alright mate have good one!


Thinking about it, the entire Frat Party DVD is silly.


Ah yes, the frat party DVD was indefinitely a highlight of LP’s silly moments


Brad’s ‘like’ counter gets me every time :stuck_out_tongue:


very nice share @gatsie :heart: