Simple Plan - Taking One for the Team : The Forerunners Edition


Simple Plan have released Taking One for the Team: The Forerunners Edition last Friday. Very poppy tracks on the album but still includes the original album released last year.


Sorry for my english…hope you understand me…Please don’t create topics/posts of advertisings here…this is a forum to talk about LP and all things related to them…before writing something I think you have to read the guidelines of this forum…

@jFar920 please help me explain things better…


This is actually The Music Room where you talk about other bands besides just Linkin Park


Yes…but you made an advertising with money etc…by the way I’m wating for @jFar920 to explain things better…


There. Took out the iTunes bit


Ok!but it’s a way for me too to know other things,so if I said something wrong the moderator will tell us… thank you to keep the forum clean…


No attitude please. Considering this is the third time someone has said something to you I can only assume you haven’t taken notice of the guidelines. Opinions are perfectly fine but not as a form of advertising
Take 1 minute and check out any other music room thread. You’ll see the difference; hell new bands post bits of their stuff here and receive positive input


Thank you @framos1792 to answer me!..I don’t know if I am completely right… I’m relative new here too…I thought that the post doesn’t reseamble the others…by the way now the parts relative money etc.are deleted…


There’s nothing wrong with talking about other artists and their releases here, that’s what #the-music-room is for. While adding the price was a little odd discussion wise, I don’t think it breaks any rules


Ok!thank you @jFar920 !sorry for asking and for my mistake too! Sorry @keyweezzokw too…


Thanks for the replies guys. The topic is all that matters. Apologies if I confused anyone too


I guess I’m too late here lol

But this one seems fine here because it is in The Music Room category and yea, talking about music aside LP so no worries.
(BTW, I do also like Simple Plan :stuck_out_tongue:)