Since 7/20/17. My life changed


Anyone else watching video’s, looking at pics every day Since? I am talking about hours a day.


raises hand
I do!
Hell I have been only listening to Linkin Park since then. I even made a Twitter specifically to be able to have contact with other fans. In all honesty, watching videos of Chester being a goofball has been the only thing that’s keeping me sane lately. Chester and the rest have been one of the only things I’ve been thinking about lately. I know I’m being obsessive but it’s just how I am. I can’t help myself for being this way.


Obsessed is the perfect word to describe me right now.


I’m just the same, it’s completely normal. Even in work I did this before my vacation started.

It’s a way for me to handle this, just reminding everything and catch up everything over the years, everything that I was not able to hear or see because of time. Remembering happy moments…


Same! I’m on a LPTV marathon, and everytime I watch a ‘Making of’ I go watch the clip of the song or it’s live performance… It’s crazy how things will never be the same again, but listening to LP on a loop has definitely helped me cope.


I’ve been listening to all the albums and many band interviews. They make me smile at how goofy he was, but also sad. It’s all I’ve talked about, and I realized it might be a problem so I’ve been reading a book on grief because I don’t know how to react to this. Take care friends.


Same here.