Since what age you've been listening to LP?


Omg i do love LP! I have been listening to them since i was 4! But unfortunately i’ve never been on the concert :pensive:


I dont even remember when this awesomeness hit me :wink:
I hope you get to see them soon :smile:


Since 2010 :smiley:


I still don’t get how people say they’ve been fans of a band since such a young age as the age of 4. You barely know your ABCs but you can define music and compare bands and say you like X better or whatever? Wow.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen a lot of people say that and I simply can’t understand how. I first ever listened to LP when I was 6 through my dad but back then it was just sounds to me, I couldn’t tell differences between bands, I couldn’t tell music was what it is to begin with.

Anyways, been a fan since I was 10.


A child at age 4 can have a favorite super hero, a favorite food and favorite color. So why would it not be able to like certain music? It’s maybe not in the “fandom” category though. More like a “hey this sounds nice” kind of way. I think.

I became a fan ever since the video for One Step Closer made it’s first appearance on MTV… Which is about 15 years ago now. My God, I’m getting old :sweat:


My point exactly. It just sounds nice to you, like most music does to little kids. And definitely not talking about fandoms or whatever here, just curious as to how it’s possible. I just don’t get it.


It is an interesting question indeed. At what age does a child develop a preference for certain things, like music?

I’ve tested playing Linkin Park for my friend’s kid when she was about 5 years old. For some reason it made the little girl cry. (She thought the screaming lady was scary). While when I played the music her parents usually play, it didn’t cry. (Her parents are more into pop and R&B music).

Maybe a child’s “taste” in music has to do with the fact that the child is used to a certain type of music?

Then again. You also hear from certain musicians that they started to develop an interest in music at a young age. Michael Jackson was 5 when he started singing in the Jackson 5. And then there’s Mike Shinoda who took classical piano lessons when he was 6, encouraged by his mom. (According to wikipedia anyways, do correct me if I’m wrong).


Since I was 10 =)




Well, I suppose that if you play, let’s say Final Masquerade or Castle of Glass for a kid that age maybe they’ll find it catchy?

Oh and yes, it definitely plays an important role if you learn how to play a instrument when you are young (Though, I do know a few kids who when they got a bit older they didn’t find it exciting and stopped taking lessons. But that depends on the interests you develop I guess.). As for Mike, I think he started around the age of 4 cause his mother thought a musical background would be good for college applications. Oh well, the younger you are the easier it is to learn something, that’s for sure.


i meant, I wasn’t even a fan of LP at the age of 4)) I’ve been listening to them and didn’t understand the meaning of the song, cause i didn’t know English at that time, actually)


I think, at a tender age of 4 or 5, what a child learns is the basics of music (like the alphabets, which are predefined) and he/she is unable to understand the concept of music (in most of the cases, atleast). These things develop as you begin to grasp other concepts wherein probably your nurturing plays an important role. I would say age of 8 to 10 is a good time for the young minds, but yes, it’s never too late to enjoy Rock Music :wink:
PS: I have absolutely no idea about Mike’s life etc.
@MadinaLP You did a good job by not giving up on LP. :thumbsup:


Since they came out when I was 10, favorite band ever since


i was seven, when i accidently dowload one step closer, in lime wire (remember that software) haha well, is kind of funny and weird, because i was lookin for a Naruto s openung song to download, and i made a mistake and dowload that one, it was the best decision of my life and i never regret for making that mistake


I’m so old!!!ahahhah since I was 29 :smile:


7 or 8 when I first head Breaking The Habit. I’m 15 now.



since “one step closer” i was19 or 20 years old. now i feel old :unamused:


I really started out listening to lp last summer with the hunting party, although I had some of the big hits they play in the radio and most of mtm before (thanks to a friend). But my big addiction to lp and rock/metal music began back then :blush: (not as long ago as some of you, I know)


Ever since their first appearance on MTV :heart_eyes: i guess i was 9/10 watching the music videos reminds me of my childhood days :heart_eyes: