Singapore Tour and My Appreciation


Hey hey hey … It is me… I was just wondering… Anyone around this side of the world has already marked in their calendar to head down to Singapore (good if you are already in Singapore, less travel) to catch Mike and just being there to let the world know that we as a family are there for each other. I mean, LP and being a member and growing with LPU has really made us be like family.

Yes, we were there for each other when things were AWESOME and LP was hitting the charts having multiple shows around the world and then came this month last year… when we were all there for each other via this super link called the internet to comfort each other when Chester passed on. I tell you, if only we knew the pain he was going through… we might have been able to help him… How? By sending him some positive vibes and energy from where ever we were. Talinda, you are an AMAZING woman. I salute you for doing everything that you do now. #MakeChesterProud… I feel like he is looking down now and you know… #ChesterIsProudOfYou and everyone who is spreading the awareness of Depression.

Now I do not know if there will be a meet and greet in Singapore but if there is, I will pray to have a chance to get the meet and greet so that I can tell Mike that I… and everyone else in this family is still with Linkin Park all the way and that I too will help spread the awareness of this disease that has taken soooo many lives this year alone.

Mike, I hope that you and the organisers will set up a meet and greet. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing writing music and producing such meaningful songs. God Bless you, your family and the band for all that all of you do.

To Everyone who will be in Singapore, See you on August 22nd!!