Singapore Tour - who’s going?


Hello Lorna, Sorry for the delay. Yes I am from Singapore… so hope to see you guys soon!


Hey there… Awesome!!! Keep in touch ya… I will be in SG on the 21st…


I was at Bangkok the other day to see Mike and it was super awesome. Next stop, Singapore!


Did you apply for/get meet and greet?


I applied but I didn’t get the meet and greet. I heard there are only few people who got it :frowning:


i Hope one of us gets the chance. Because it doesn’t seem many LPU Members are going based on this forum…


I just caught the Bangkok show a couple days ago and it was awesome.

Am now considering grabbing a bus from KL to SG for the SG show

@lorna1302 - which hotel u staying at that’s near the concert venue?


Hey Matt,

I hope we all get it. Would be the best thing ever…


Hey there mhan,

I booked 2 hotels… I can’t remember the names off hand. The usual hotel I usually stay at is full so first hotel is near Vivocity and…let me check it out later and will keep you posted. Are you going to SG for the show too?


hey there @lorna1302

I’m still considering on whether or not to make a trip down to SG for the show =)

btw, I think we’ve met before during LP show in KL in 2013


Hey if you have the time why not?

KL 2013… really we have??? What’s ur name?


Yeah - check out this thread from the 2013 concert:


I will be there, will be glad to meet up with you guys~


Hiya mhan… I cannot view it… where did you get it from? perhaps I could look it up…


This time next week… We are going to Party and also let’s make it a Memorial… Where 3 Nations… According to this thread are together to Celebrate Chester… How does that sound? Just a thought…


hey… aren’t you the dude I gave my tickets to? Back in 2013… I have some extra pit tickets and I swapped them with your tickets…??


Yeah, that was me :grinning:


I think I’ve met you too. Were you at the memorial last year in PJ?


OMG!! Small World!! Hahaha… so are you going to SG?

How are you by the way?


Hi Harry,

Yeah… wait the one at 1Utama central park?