Size Jersey


Hey guys, I’m just wondering what sizeI should take for the Jersey that comes with the LPUXIII merch. I’m a male of about 1,80 m , average build. Just want to make sure I don’t buy the wrong size :slight_smile:


I am a decent sized guy and XL always seems to fit be fine. I would go with a L or XL.


I’m also wondering how small the women’s small will be, or whether to go for extra small? It would be helpful if it gave you the measurements!


Now I’m afraid the XS female jersey I ordered will be too small…


The LPU (which is common with most companies) has had a history of their shirts not fitting properly for some members, I’ve been lucky thus far with all my shirts.

I’d say use your best judgement. Whatever size you normally wear, If you’re not sure, go a size larger, just in case it shrinks in the wash.

I also found this, if this helps you:


These are jerseys not t-shirts. I’m one of the few that received theirs already & I’m disappointed I got a large(women’s cut). I have large boobs and usually get a large in women’s but a small in men’s and am ok…

I posted a pic of the women’s jersey (v neck) I actually really love the jersey! It’s so different & like that they offered men’s and women’s sizes.

The jersey is made by impact Eco wear & unfortunately they don’t have a sizing chart there. =/


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