Smashed Bacon - The Unity of Us


After the success of Minerals I think we should once again come up with Song Titles first and the style

@gatsie since your song title was choosen to make it fair I would ask if you don’t come up with one, but still vote for your favourite song title


Please include your song name and style in your first post

My song title: My Only Regret
Style: Rock


Smashed bacon. No particular style.


Style: Nu-metal/rap


YES! Smashed Bacon Man needs a theme song! You have my vote!


Lots of screaming


Reminds me of a song I wrote called The Pickle Charmer


If you’re wondering who smashed bacon man is it’s a character we randomly came up with on the LPU whatsapp group. Funnily enough the conversation started off with me posting a sky pic :stuck_out_tongue: my current avatar is a 5 min doodle that I did of SBM.


@the_termin8r Yes, I was wondering about that


Dude, Smashed Bacon Man should have his own Twitter and a webcomic! Would totally rock man. That’s why he needs his own theme song too :stuck_out_tongue:


title: hard to name
genre: metalcore


When I come back from working tomorrow I will start the poll


Title sometimes

Tfk-LP- Crossover style (nu Metall)


Whats TFK?


! Hi Ace ! Soo early :wink:
Tfk is Thousands foot krutch


Im off to work been up since 4am


Wow early Bird - this is early! Everyday this early? When Ends ya Night then 3 am???


Seems like lol :stuck_out_tongue:


what songtitle you suggest this round Sam?Genre?


I actually didn’t choose one the previous time lol. @theearlywalker


lol wrong topic… sorry early for the walker…