So, LPU members, Which LP song is your favorite, which song touched you the most?


The best I’ve heard so far, is Waiting For The End.
I remember, when the film Dracula 2000 came on dvd, there was a song by Linkin Park,
One Step Closer!!! I was immediately sold! Every since, I bought all their albums, singles, and bid for, I don’t know how many thousand USD for LPU Cd’s on ebay. I think, I’m the most hardcore fan in all of Greenland!


My favourite song has to be somewhere I belong because I was going through a tough time and it just made me feel better because I felt like I wasn’t alone :slight_smile: I’ve also got a somewhere I belong poster :smiley:


They have a lot of songs that have touched me, but the most would definitely have to be either Robot Boy or The Messenger


My two favorite songs are ‘Easier To Run’ and No Roads Left. Easier To Run is the song I can most relate to and No Roads Left is the most epic song were Mike sings just amazing!!
Another song that I like allot, but that I hope they could Re-master is ‘And One’.


Burning in the skies! :stuck_out_tongue:


My overall favorite is Reading My Eyes
My favorite lyrically is Forgotten
and the song that’s probably helped me through the most is definitely Iridescent.