So sad - Chester is gone


I miss Chester I felt like I related so much to him . I had problems with sexual abuse and drugs and depression . He was my idol . I joined LP underground to be at a place with fans going through the same thing .


Welcome! we’re all here to lend a helping hand. I’m here if you wanna vent


How am I supposed to be dealing with this ? I feel like I knew the guy . Been horribly depressed since his passing .


Same here, but like Mike said, one day at a time. everybody grieves and copes differently. I cope with writing, yoga, kickboxing or try to hang out with friends, so far it’s been working


For me until now nothing is working, when i’m not at work i’m breathless, drown in my tears, i can’t even say it to explain to my familly why i’m so broken, he was my god, linkin park is my everything since almost the last 20 years the 2/3 of my little life, i don’t how to continue without them or even to grief it’s the first time loosing someone hit me like that i’m lost, i loose my soul i love them so much i can’t even imagine through what the band and familly where going, they need our love and support more than anything now. Spread love all around, we need to take his messages out loud and keep going to pay our respect for his “sacrifice” was not vain (sorry if i’m not clear i’m french and my english is poor)


Je ressents tellement les memes choses, c’est extremement dur… Mais nous sommes la pour nous soutenir… Tous…courage