So Sorry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


I am so sorry if I offended anyone on my first post and I am new here. Please give me another chance


We’re not gonna kill you but you don’t post stuff like that.


Maybe before you post again read some posts here and see how much pain others are in, nothing about this is funny and your post was horribly inappropriate.


We’ve all got opinions you’re open to having your own but be tactful and realize something like that you ought to keep to yourself
We aren’t one of those sites where people write stupidly inconsiderate comments looking to pick fights or to gain attention
If his death didn’t affect you then be considerate of those whom it did affect and be there for them as support
if anybody cannot contribute positively, the log out button is on the top right of the page


You’re on a thin rope. I don’t believe that something like that is part of some misunderstanding whatsoever, but I’m giving you one more chance. Anything else like that, and you’re getting temporarily banned


@jFar920 : I want to say sorry because I replay to this guy by instict…next time could I call you?you’re a moderator,right?


You don’t have to apologize, you had a right to be upset by something like that, but yes, I’m a moderator, and can delete those posts in the future if you flag it or tag me


Ok!I understand!thank you so much!!!


oh how I love clear announcements… to keep it clean inhere, thanx Jordan…


Aww poopie. I missed a showdown between newbies and poopies


Its why you haven’t become a mod YET :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Jordan was here to save the day faster than lightning and you was late :speak_no_evil:


Actually I called him in and changed the title of the other topic until he got here. :joy:


Thats nice @the_termin8r

Its okay @keyweezzokw … But plz take care from next time onwards… This shouldn’t repeat in future. :slight_smile:


I can find you on the internet and be featured on csi


I’ll finally meet someone in person :grimacing:
Who we taking out? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: