So.. That's why LP changed huh


Hey guys…
I didn’t understand for a long time…
once i did i had to put it out there!

You need annotations to get to the real video (a 2016 documentary on 2016)
annotations not viewable from smartphones i think,
no other way to get to the documentary.
I’ve dressed these bad news in good music and lyrics!
The only band that had lyrics for the subject was Linkin park, mostly through their “A thousand suns” album.
Radiohead helped as well…
If anything, my documentary lays out the very reasons our favorite band took the turn they did.
For which i am very proud!
took me many years to get to exactly what they were talking about and i deeply apologize to my favorite band for the delay!
hard stuff to grasp…

I hope you guys/gals enjoy!

Sorry Germany … i think the video is not viewable there :frowning:

LP Inspired videos

more views please!!



No, it’s viewable everywhere:


Thank you for letting me know!
youtube tells me otherwise, still i do get real low views on the red pill documentary.

I hope the LP community is the first to appreciate this!
(No LP on the intro video shared but they chip in when the message gets tough to swallow!)

LP proved once more that it’s the best band on this plane!
check it out :wink:


Red pill revised.
Message clearer
LP tracks unchanged! :wink:



LPU, help me spread this U msg please!


Oh… it’s public now … so
Part A : Concordia
Part B : A Thousand Suns
Part C is above :wink:


LP Baby…