So, what did you get?


Sounds like a drug. :joy:


I could use some magic howler, I bet it’s magical


I went to Afghanistan with James Bond because an elephant told me to. :joy:


I poked Scooby-Doo because I’m a gangster!
Yeah no doubt! :joy: :joy:


I host a TV show with Naruto because of peer pressure


I started a band with yugi muto because I’m a gangster :sunglasses:


I had a swordfight with Yugi Muto because of peer pressure


Who’s Yugi Muto?


Don’t have the slightest idea :joy:


He’s from yu-gi-oh, a cartoon about a card game


From Yu-gi-oh? I thought he was Yu-gi-oh. That was the dumbest looking cartoon when I was a kid. It was just a bunch of guys with planks attached to their arms with cards on them. :joy:


Warewolf name! Savage omega! :crazy_face:

I spend Christmas with Frodo Baggins because and elephant told me! :joy: :elephant:

Never saw it … if i did I don’t remember :stuck_out_tongue:


I host a tv show with James Bond because Im a gangster


i married Angelina Jolie because we’ve romantically engaged


whattt u serious??


Yes, quite. I hate anime.


Not sure if this ones been posted yet??

I got: watch the world burn with zubat!


Gangnam Style with Gengar


Destroyed Joey’s ratatatatatatatatatata (machine gun noise) with a ginger

Destroyed Joey’s Rattata with Gengar

Da fuq does any of that mean? It might as well be written in Geonosian or Klingon.


Named my firstborn child Dragonite :woman_shrugging: